About The Owners and the Origins of Wami River Moringa

We are farmers, creators and suppliers of 100% pure Moringa oil for beauty and skin care products. Our business model revolves around sustainable development in East Africa through education to small-holder farmers on how to grow and farm Moringa. We have a network of over 450 out-growers and that number is growing every day. By buying our products you directly support this initiative, create employment and feed families in rural areas in Tanzania, East Africa. 

Jonathan and Lynn Taylor are the owners, directors and majority shareholders of Wami River Ranch, and have been living in Tanzania since 2003 after migrating from Zimbabwe. Lynn is a citizen of the UK, and Jonathan is in the process of gaining Tanzanian citizenship. 

They live full-time on the ranch; running the Moringa processing equipment themselves, and training local staff on efficient and sustainable farming techniques. Their engagement with small farms surrounding their property provides cash incomes to the community, which enables the farmers and their families to afford a better standard of living. Wami River Moringa currently pays 75% above standard market rate for Moringa seeds, as well as providing technical support and advice to help farmers improve their yields to their maximum potential. Through purchasing seeds from local farms, employing local labour, and bettering the local environment; the positive impact of Wami River Moringa is threefold, just within the immediate farming area. 

Wami River Moringa was conceptualised as a means of giving back to the local community. Encouraging farmers to plant more trees assists with battling Tanzania's rates of deforestation (currently 5th-fastest in the world), arrests soil erosion, and provides real-time cash benefits to small farmers. Year after year, this makes a quantifiable and sustainable difference to the ecology and economy of the region.