Meet Our Grower: Felicia T, Kibaoni Village


Felicia T, Kibaoni Village

My boundary fence earns me money …

I am a small farmer. It’s my life. It’s what I do.

By good luck I have several moringa trees growing on my farm. This year I did well, not like before when I didn’t make any money. When [Wami River Moringa] bought my moringa seeds I have profited. Now I am convinced. I will plant more land just for moringa– hopefully another 3 acres.

I think moringa trees are good because you don’t have to use your best land. You can plant on hill tops and next to your food crops and still get an income from every tree every year for many years. When we get 2 or 3 acres, then we can plant our normal food crops and use moringas along the boundary as a fence, but a fence that gives us money.

So that money, I needed to use it carefully. We don’t have day jobs. So I used much of the money on educating my children. That was the most used. Then I used a little bit of the money to clean up my Moringa trees. So that next year I will get more seeds.

Felicia T. sold 61kg of moringa seed to Wami River Moringa. She is able to send her three children to school for the whole of 2019 with the cash she earned.

This story is written in Felicia's own words.